Pale Blue eye

A Film by Keith A. Nixon 

Cinematography - Josh Woo

Creative Producer - Edwin Ruiz

Chicago Horror Film Festival

September 28 -29, 2019

9:30AM - 6:00PM

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Pale Blue Eye UpDate

Thesis Screening Success! August 24, 2018

There was such an outpouring of love at my screening event last night at The Horror Thriller Picture Show! My friends and family showed up in big numbers to help launch my first film screening. Big shout out to my Rust College family! We had 123 people in 147 seat Theatre. I’m so humbled by that because thesis screenings can have extremely low attendance numbers, even as low as 2 or 3 people. So I am blessed and thankful for every attendee that showed up to support us! I know that there were dozens more people that wanted to make it, but conflicts didn’t permit your physical attendance. But trust me when I say that your love and positive vibes were felt! This was a first ever event at DePaul and we crushed it! Special shout out to Bishop Rory R. Marshall for taking time out of your busy schedule to support our creative efforts! You rock! Thanks to all of the directors that screened their amazing films with mine last night. Your collaboration is one of the reasons why our night was a major success! My heart is overflowing love, creativity, and God’s goodness toward upon this project! This was definitely history in the making in our lifetime! I will keep everyone updated on future progress as PALE BLUE EYE makes its way to the festival circuit!


About the Film


Pale Blue Eye Synopsis. 

Loosely based on 'The Tell-Tale Heart' by Edgar Allan Poe, "Pale Blue Eye" is the story of Norma Redman, a surgical assistant who works for  blackmarket doctor, Christopher Johnson. She experiences a schizophrenic break from reality for the first time during an illegal operation. She becomes influenced by a dark passenger named Edgar that wants her to kill Dr. Johnson. But Norma has another plan.

"I don't feel like myself today."

--Norma Redman

Pale Blue Eye Private Screening August 24th 2018

Pale Blue Eye Private Screening Info:


August 24, 2018 

DePaul University 

14 E. Jackson Blvd

Lower Level Theatre 105

Seating: 6:30PM

Screening: 7PM-8PM

Q & A 8PM - 8:30PM

Note: There will be three other short films screening at this event.   (TBA)


Doors close promptly at 6:55PM 

Free and Open to the Public


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Pale Blue Eye News Article

Read  the article "Modern Day Tale-Tell Heart" by Lindsey T. Jones to learn more about the making of our film. 

Click Here to Read the Article

Our Old Campaign Video for Production of Pale Blue eye

Thank you to everyone who gave to our previous campaign to produce Pale Blue Eye! This video helped us raise over $3000 dollars for our production costs.  We shot the film in 5 days on the north and south side of Chicago. The money was used to purchase wardrobe, prop, craft services, transportation, cinema lenses, and more.  Now we need your help to cross the finish line!

Thank you to all of our campaign backers!

Thanks for Visiting our Website!

Screening 8-24-18

Premier Screening

DePaul University 

14 E. Jackson 

LL Theatre 105

Chicago, IL 60604

6:30PM - 8:30

Pale Blue Eye

A tale of mystery, suspense, and gore!

Screening 8-24-18

DePaul University 

14 E. Jackson 

LL Theatre 105

Chicago, IL 60604

6:30PM - 8:30PM


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Pale Blue Eye Film

A tale of mystery, suspense, and gore

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